BEARDSTERDAM is an event organised by friends, cool, nice and good people from around the globe. Our common goal is to spread the good and positieve vibes.
We dont have any big sponsors, together we make it happen.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to this event, It was’nt possible without your help. Here are some of the poeple who helped out last year: please pay them a visit and show some support when possible. We probably forgot a few, if your name is not on the list please contact us and we will add you as soon as possible

These were the participants of BEARDsterdam 2017

Live Bands

Katalina Kicks
London based band
Berlin Syndrome
A German band
Les Salopes
A Dutch band


Tattoo & Custom Leather


Pin-Up & Makeovers
Miss Riskina
Live Preformer
Beards Photographer
Warehouse Retro
Retro Accessories
Vun Art
Art from the Netherlands
Sketching Maniacs
Live Visual Artist

Tattoo Artists

Dean North
UK based artist
Cloudhead Tattoo
Amsterdam based artist
Clouded Tattoo
Amsterdam based artist
Tattoo Artist


Rebel Rebel
Famous UK based barbers
Dutch blogger
Mokum Barbers
Skilled Amsterdam based barbers

Beard Care

Beard Care
Original Barbam
Beard Care
Super Furry
Beard Care

Beard Care

Beard Legacy
Beard Care