BEARDsterdam is a charity event aiming to raise money and awareness for the "Hersenstichting" Foundation.

The Hersenstichting Foundation is a Dutch charity that brings in fundings solely for research to braindamage. They do not focus on one condition, but invest heavily in pioneering solutions that help prevent, inhibit, or cure brain disorders. Now and in the future. To achieve this, they have research done, we provide information and we strive for better patient care. Needless to say this cause is very important to us and we would like to do our part in raising money and awareness!

1 in 4 people has a brain disorder. Unfortunately, brain disorders are fast becoming the largest disease in the Netherlands. This has to stop. Because a brain disorder turns your life upside down. And sooner or later it affects us all. Help us keep our brains healthy.

Wouter van Velzen (31) suffered a serious motorcycle accident eight years ago during a trip to the South of France. "Because of the blow I suffered a brain contusion, of which I had side effects for a long time. During my recovery process I learned how important your brain is and how careful you need to be with it."

If you already want to make a donation, you can click the link below and help us support our charity.


If you're interested in all the research the Hersenstichting (The Brain Foundation) does and what you can do to help.
Visit there website, for more information.